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Original Ideas for a Timeless Tradition

Something Blue
The best something blue ideas

Something old, something new, something borrowed...
We all heard it before. This is one of the most ancient and beloved wedding traditions!

Many brides wear this color in garters as to go with this tradition, but if you are here is because you want something more original, right?

So here are new ways to incorporate the tradition in your wedding.

*Paint your toes in with nail polish in this color

* Wear it in a ring

* Wear it in a sash

* Make your groom wear it in his boutonniere (see boutonniere ideas here)

* Wear it in a charm

* Wear it in your earrings

* Bedazzle your heel with blue rhinestones

* Make your wedding bouquet handle blue ( you can easily achieve this by using blue ribbon)

* Sport it in an anklet

* Wear it in your shoes

* Wear a tiara with accents in this shade

* Wear it in your veil (ideal if you have a Medieval Wedding Theme)

* Get a henna tattoo in in this color

Even more something blue ideas

* Have your wedding dress underskirt embroidered with your initials in this color.

* Do you have a belly piercing? Wear a tiny blue one on your wedding day (no one is going to see it anyways at the reception!)

* Wear it in  underwear!

* Wear it in a perfume

* Wear blue contact lenses

* Have your dress embroidered with accents in this color

* Have your wedding hair accessories in this color

* Have a wedding theme that uses this color as the main one (great example are nautical and peacock themed events)

I know these ideas will spark your imagination to find your own modern version and spin on this tradition.

Tell us in the comments in which original way you will include the color at your celebration. Have fun! Can't wait to hear your ideas!

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