Snowman Centerpiece
Bedeck the Wedding Reception Tables

A snowman centerpiece. I can feel the Christmas spirit when I hear Frosty the snowman song on air. Here I will show you some snowman centerpiece products and ideas and how to incorporate them to your wedding tables. Let the joy of season inspire you to create a cheerful table for a big wedding celebration.

Every part of a snowman means a lot in the Christian world, using this as a centerpiece does not only give a festivity feeling, it also gives us what Christmas really means. To have a snowman décor on your wedding means that you will have a blessed and gleeful wedding day.

 snowman centerpiece

At 11.75 inches high, this lovely snowman with top hat and basket of stars will give your winter wedding theme a magical effect.

It is carved in a wood-like manner. The basket full of stars tells us that wishes do come true. For your centerpiece, you can simple sprinkle faux snow, tea candles, silver glitters and clear bubbles.

If you want to have a sparkling and more elegant snowman centerpiece design, you can add a small silver Christmas tree (strung with mini lights), and some branches clipped with glittered birds. I guarantee, this centerpiece will delight your guests.

 snowman centerpiece, lighted snowman

A super cute light up snowman Christmas figurine will definitely light up your wedding tables. It measures 7 inch high, perfect to be your centerpiece. A snowman fiddles in the glistening snow, which is perfect as an additional décor for your Christmas theme wedding, beside him is a Christmas tree that magically glows! It gives your table a lovely light for your guests to appreciate.

To create a snowman scene on your tables, you can use a flat piece of Styrofoam, press texture on your foam, like stones or bricks, so it not looks too perfect. Cover the foam with a faux snow or crafted snow, and some silver glitters. Glue the snowman in one side of the foam; add some white wooden fence at the back of the figurine.

Add some silver colored branches, and miniature pine trees (covered with faux snow and glitters). Add some snowball candles, to give a flickering light and some colored balls to complete the look.

Your guests will be in awe to see this scene in front of them.

 snowman centerpiece, kissing snowman centerpiece

Oh so sweet! This lovely Mr. And Mrs. Snowman Kiss figurine is a delight to look at. It measured 4.5 inches with a sweet inscription that read “Lovin You”. The perfect place for this figurine is on top of the wedding cake! Completely adorned with red green colored scarf and hat, this couple snowman will cheer up your wedding cake.,br.

It can also be used as your table centerpieces. The snowman is best surrounded with snow. Place a whimsy tabletop Christmas tree, and position the kissing couple in front of the tree. Add glittered snowflakes, and small Christmas balls. Add a miniature white painted sleigh on either side, fill it with sweets (for a sweeter scene!). A miniature streetlamp can be placed beside the kissing couple to spotlight them.

A romantic sight for your guests. It spread love to each and everyone!

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