Seashell Wedding

Beach Theme Wedding Favorite
A Romantic and Elegant Celebration

A seashell wedding is a beach theme wedding classic. If you love nature and the beach , this theme is the one you are looking for. Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid, visiting Zeus and finding your prince?

Being under the sea surrounded by the beauty of all the types and colors of seashells..  Or maybe finding them ashore on a romantic walk with your hubby can inspire you to make this the theme of your special day.

Let's travel together to bring the enchantment of this sea jewel to your celebration.

Sea Shell Wedding Invitations

seashell wedding invitations
Wedding Invitations

seahorse wedding invitations

There are hundreds of wedding invitations with a beach or sea shell theme. Make sure to choose a design that represents you and your wedding vision to give your guests a first taste of the celebration to come.

Sea Shell Wedding Favors

While on the early planning stages, think about what sort of favor you will give your guests. Many of them can be incorporated in your table settings, helping you create ambiance for your theme.

Click here to see Sea shell wedding favors.

Seashell Wedding Location Set Up

You want to have the shell theme everywhere you can , so using shell related items on your reception hall will help you achieve the look you want to create.

When setting your tables you can use authentic seashells. Seashell candles are also a great option for your table settings.

Seashell Wedding Cake

sea shell wedding cake

Click to See This and More Sea Shell Wedding Cakes

Do not forget to incorporate the theme on your wedding cake! You can have the shell as part of the design or have a classic wedding cake with a seashell cake topper.

Seashell Wedding Colors

Nothing is written in stone when it comes to a seashell wedding and colors. There are many combinations that couples decide on depending on their personal style.

Popular colors are:

Earth tones, sands and browns
Corals, oranges and reds

They are used on their own , combined or in different shades of the same color.

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