Sea Theme Wedding

Let the Ocean Breeze Sweep
your Wedding Day to a Magic Land

Sea Theme Wedding

A sea theme event is one of the most popular choices among  brides. When you were a child, you were very happy when your parents told you to “ prepare your things and we’ll have a whole day under the sun”. And today, you are preparing yourself to one of the happiest moment of your life, your wedding.

Remembering those days can serve as inspiration for the happiest day yet to come. The sun, the ocean, the sound of the waves and summertime can serve as backdrop for an original yet elegant celebration.
If you love the idea of the theme you will be thrilled to know that you do not necessarily need to have a beach side wedding. We have creative ideas on how to have your beach wedding indoor! Let’s call all the sailors and swim our way to your indoor beach wedding

sea theme wedding, sea theme wedding hall

Let the decorations speak for themselves! A well-done entrance hall décor will give your guests a good idea on what to expect when they get inside the venue. Greet your guests with beautiful arrangements made of natural sand, and seashells.
Placed strategically in a large cone shaped vase, you can bring height by adding branches that look like driftwoods will leave your guests mouth hanged open. You can display place cards on the branches so guests can pick them on their way in to find out where they will be seated at your sea theme wedding.

sea theme wedding, lounge area

A sheer curtain hanging on the entrance door is a very good idea also. Don’t forget the lighting, a wave of turquoise lighting on your walls, gives an illusion of ocean scene. Make sure to have plenty of votive candles displayed in any area of your hall to give a romantic lighting effect.
If you have a lounge area, let your guests relax in a comfortable sofa while waiting for the food to be served. This gives them enough time to talk to the other guests, and  beautiful colors of the lights reflected on the curtains makes  the best backdrop for your sea theme wedding.

sea theme wedding, seashell decorations

Let the starfish rule the decors. Stick starfishes on the walls, and show case one big starfish in the middles for a complete under the sea theme…I love to think that a big starfish can be the focal point of your wedding venue.
Different types of centerpieces based on the same theme make each table unique. Set every table with different arrangements, you can use a big seashell filled with flowers, and a simple arrangement of flowers with greenery in a low vase gives a romantic glow on each table.

sea theme wedding, fish bowl centerpiece
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A less formal setting normally calls for the best party! Let your guests dance the night away. You can use this unique decoration idea at the bar or as an original centerpiece. Glass bowls or vases can contain live fish. To accentuate the effect and the overall look of the venue LED lights are located underneath the vase. Big, tall and clear glass vases work best for these project if you are a DIY bride.
Since you are having a party, personalize it by including a specialty drink on your bars. Any liqueur that has a blue tone or color can bring the theme alive. Take for example Hipnotiq liqueur displayed in the picture.  I love the taste of this drink as you can actually drink it on it’s own. It has a sweet taste but a dry after effect!

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