Sea Shell Wedding Favor

A themed wedding favor, completes your mermaid dream wedding.
If you are having a  beach wedding and want it to be perfect up to the part of handing off your “thank you” gifts.

Then, you don’t have to worry about it; there is a bottomless supply of cute beach related favors in the market today.

A tropical theme wedding is always full of colors and fun. These mini wooven beach bags can be filled with any sorts of goodies to create a unique wedding favors. A great way to give your favors a twist is to use Old Fashioned Caramel Corn Candy.
Let your guests feel the authenticity of the beach around them when they munch on these lovely and delicious treat! 
They can also be presented at the center of each table for an original edible centerpiece.

Fill your wedding tables with this lovely starfish designed photo frames.   They can also serve as part of your wedding table decorations for a classy setting for an evening celebration.

The crashing waves of the ocean and the subtle calm of the sea reflect on these beach inspired trinket boxes. They will pull your guests attention, who will definitely not forget your wedding day. A great idea is to place them on top of the plates instead of besides them, they will create height to your settings and an elegant display.

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