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A sea shell wedding cake is full of forms and colors.
Having a sea shell or beach wedding theme? You have to have one of this wonderful designs!

Elegant and simple, or fun and colorful the choice is yours.
But what is most important, any of these will make you fall in love all over again.

Let’s take a look at these baker’s masterpieces to get you inspired.

sea shell wedding cake, pastel seashells cake
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Bill

Earth tones that reminiscence of sand are glamorized with iridescent edible sea shells and star fish.
A simple yet sophisticated  romantic cake design with a little vintage look as well.

sea shell wedding cake, sand castle cake
Photo courtesy of Spool Sisters

Baker’s are art masters in disguise. Take a look at this tiered wedding cake.

Cascading shells adorn the tiers creating an enchanting effect.And to top of this beach enchantment, a sand castle as a topper!

Also note the sugar simulating sand, it is beautiful and modern.

sea shell wedding cake, blue sea shell cake
Photo courtesy of Benzee

The traditional tiered cake takes a modern spin in this sea shell wedding cake fantasy.Square tiers give the cake a modern structure, but the bold blue colors bring the under the sea theme alive.

A pair of sea shells with the couples names act as cake toppers.The sea shells spread on the tiers and at the cake’s base gives it depth and also act as eye popping details.
Truly beautiful!

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