Sake Sunrise

A Wedding Cocktail to Love

The Sake Sunrise is so simple that your bartender can make tons of them in the blink of an eye. Sake is known to be the Asian rice wine, eventhough it is brew like a beer.

While exotic and enchanting, is ideal for oriental weddings. New yorkers and trend setters are jumping on the sake wagon, making cocktails that contain it fitted for New York wedding themes as well.

Take a chance on this fun cocktail and your flavor buds will surely be grateful for it.


This is what you need for one cocktail:

* ½ oz grenadine
* 1 ½ oz sake

 Mixing It

Put ice in a glass.

Pour the sake in the glass and slowly add the grenadine. It doesn't get  any simpler than that.
Sweet but strong this cocktail will make an impression.

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