What about a Saint Patrick Wedding Theme?
Get Lucky with the Irish flair present at to your celebration

A Saint Patrick Wedding Theme...

Would you like to embrace your Irish roots with a non traditional theme? Well, if the answer is YES! you arrived at the right place.
Is Saint Patrick's day your favorite holiday? Or it just happens that you are getting married in saint Patrick’s day?

No matter what the case is this theme is truly original and will have your guests talking. Without saying more , let's get started!

The colors...

Which colors should you use?
Well, It is Saint Patrick's day. So this one is a no brainer.
Lots of green and gold, and some black and white here and there to create some contrast.

And how do you start planning this with the right foot?
Choose carefully your wedding invitation.
If you like traditional wedding invitations, choose one that is white or green , and have the font imprinted in gold or black.
If you choose the white invitation, green font is a unique touch that will bring the theme alive.

And those brides that are shaking their heads right now saying: I want something more original than that... You have plenty of options, and here are some of them:

* A shamrock wedding invitation

* A Leprechaun wedding invitation

* A pot of gold Wedding invitation

Setting the scene


If you have an aisle runner on your ceremony, you could have it spray painted with gold or green shamrock designs to set the mood.
Or use a non traditional green aisle runner.
Place white chair covers and tablecloths and tie a green or gold ribbon around them to match the theme.

If you have the means and want to make a little investment, place a Shamrock archway at your venue (I know times are tight, I do not expect you to blow your budget, but this is a nice piece of decoration if you count with the money.)

If you decide to have a floral arrangement as your centerpiece, you have many possibilities.
A nice idea is to go with white flowers and lots of greenery. One of my favorites to set the theme? do not use a traditional vase!!! Get some Leprechaun green hats in small size and use them as your vase.
If they are not waterproof, Just set a plastic vase inside them, and Voila! Original centerpiece!

Another original idea is to set chocolate coins inside a mini decoration pot.
And to add the extra touch place shamrock confetti or cut outs on the table surrounding them.

Dressing the part

Saintpatrick wedding theme, green detail dress, irish wedding theme. holiday wedding theme

There's no specific dress style for a Saint Patrick wedding theme, so it is really up to you and what you like.
Just to go with the theme make sure your groom sports a green tie or boutonniere.

But if you want to follow irish wedding traditions, you should wear an irish wedding dress.

And your bouquet could be of white or yellow flowers, but make sure to either include some greenery or tie it with a green or gold ribbon.

What about your garter? Wear an original green garter, or wear a traditional one and add with hot glue a Shamrock charm to it.

Saint Patrick Wedding Theme Favors

You'll find many types of favors for a Saint Patrick wedding theme. Candles , chocolate hearts ,chocolates in shamrock shape, wine stoppers, bookmarks , etc, you name it, the options are endless.

You could also fill in:

* Personalized bags

* Personalized irish mint tins

* Personalized boxes with green and/or white jordan almonds.

And last ( but not least) a Saint Patrick theme favorite: a personalized mug!


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