Rustic Table Card Display

This rustic table card display is ideal for any DIY bride having a woodland or whimsical celebration theme.
Super original and easy to recreate this display will have your guests wondering what else is to come at your event.

Let's start this simple to follow yet beautiful  project

Rustic Table Card Display Materials

Make your own rustic table card display

You will need (click on the links for material purchase):

Start by anchoring the succulent to the top of the log if you have chosen to use this piece.  You can also use flowers or moss instead of the succulent to adorn the top of the log.

For each place card you will need 1 birch wood slice and 1 pearl push pin. Start by gluing the bottom right quarter back of the wood slice (as seen form the front)  to the top left corner of the front of your name place card.

Once dry, simply place your new wooden name place cards on top of the log and attach them with a pearl push pin.

You can use 1 log per table. Remember to write a table number on one of the wooden slices and place it on top of the log, so your guest will know which table they are sitting at ( as seen in the picture).

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