Rose Theme Wedding
The Ultimate Sign of Love and Passion

A rose theme wedding is the perfect way to celebrate and proclaim your endless love to that very special someone who you will marry. Roses have been symbolically associated since the days of ancient Romans and Greeks.

Even the ever daring Cleopatra have received Marc Anthony in a room literally knee-deep in roses. Every bride has a story involving a rose. I remember when my husband gave me a single blue rose with a caption:“I love you, and you will always be my one and only!”. That sent me over to cloud nine and made my week!

What about walking down an aisle filled with red rose petals? You can also decorate your rose theme wedding ceremony chairs with the flower, and add the wow factor with fabulous hanging wreaths.

rose theme wedding, walk down the aisle

One of first things you have to do is to choose the color you wish to use for your wedding theme. Ideally you will use your favorite color. You can use it alone or in different shades and display a variety of blooms at your wedding.

This theme fits a garden wedding or an outdoor wedding. The natural light provided by the sunlight and the earthly look of the garden adds romantic scenery to your already colorful wedding.

rose theme wedding, rose pomanders, rose wedding bouquet

The bride can slip into a beautiful wedding dress and carry a pomander rose bouquet. Using white roses with a slightly red edge symbolizes passion and purity. The bridesmaids can carry a pink rose bouquet in different shades.

rose theme wedding

To create a casual yet passionately romantic lounge, let the potted red rose buds embellish the tables for your guests to have a relaxing wait time before the formal reception begins. Scatter votive candles or floating candles in crystal vases on the tables for a low light level effect.

rose theme wedding

Amaze your guests with an eye-popping cake placement! Another idea is to top your cake with fresh flowers, and fill the whole cake table with rose petals.

You and your groom will have the time of your life slicing your wedding cake together in this placement! An old rose level of lightning reflecting the curtains and the twinkling lights coming from the candles makes a delightful picture perfect scene.

No other flower can deliver a message as roses do, and your rose theme wedding will scream the message of eternal love!

Photos Courtesy of Azzura Photography

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