A Renaissance Wedding Theme ...
Luxurious Gowns and Knights in Shiny Armors

A renaissance wedding theme. If you love castles, breathtaking gowns, and knights in shinny armors these is the theme for you. This is a very original wedding theme that is gaining popularity among daring brides.

You may have to put a little extra work to pull it off, but it's all worth it.
You will wow your guests bringing the old traditions to modern times.
Getting excited? So am I! Let's begin.

Finding the right venue

renaissance wedding theme, renaisance castle

Let me say, you will be off to a great start if you find the perfect venue for a renaissance wedding theme.
You may have to do a little research in your town until you find the perfect spot.
And what are you looking for? Let me mention some options and you will see what I mean!

* You could get married at a renaissance fair, most of them count with a chapel where you could hold the ceremony.

* A castle looking building or an actual old castle.

* A church with a gothic touch (think many glass murals in dark colors)

* If you can't find any of these types of venues near you, try to find a venue where you could hold the wedding outdoors.

Setting the scene

You will start setting the scene for the renaissance wedding theme before the wedding date. Your first approach to the theme? NO other than the wedding invitation! You will be using parchment paper to give the impression of an old, discolored invitation and use a calligraphy font in black ink. You can even make this yourself and save money on wedding invitations.

For your venue decorations you are going to think outside the box for your renaissance wedding theme. You can decorate with Ivy, or any type of vine to give the renaissance look. Also think about lots of candles, preferably white or dark red. If you are going to use candleholders, think about standing ones or wooden candle holders. For your flowers think of dark rich colors. Reds, yellows and oranges will be your best options. Remember you need to give the arrangement a rustic look. So placing your flowers in a rustic vase just tied up together will do it.

And last but not least!! You could use wicker mini baskets to place your flower arrangement instead of a vase. And if you don't want to use flowers, you could fill the mini baskets with fresh fruits.

Dressing the part

As you can imagine your renaissance wedding theme gown will be anything but regular! Depending on the time of the year you are getting married, your gown should be made of silk or velvet with golden or silver thread embroidered designs. Wear a crown of flowers on your hair, or wear your hair in braids or curls.

Your groom’s attire should go with the theme as well. Tunics and laced vests are some of the options.

Your bouquet should be made of big fresh flowers. You could use lilies, sunflowers, roses and /or amaryllis. Remember you want to create that rustic look, so you could mix some herbs (like thyme or rosemary) and twigs in your bouquet. I know what you are thinking right now. Herbs? In my bouquet? Is she crazy? Yes, I know, it sounds odd, but mixing herbs with your flowers was part of the renaissance wedding traditions, so it is not such a crazy idea for a renaissance wedding theme.

Some other ideas

I am not going to go deep into the menu for your renaissance wedding theme. Just take into account that fresh fruits and roasted meats where served at most weddings in those days. A fancier menu could include steamed oysters and slowed cooked chicken.

What I want you to take a look at and see if you can implement into your wedding are some of the renaissance wedding traditions. So let's begin...

Bring the old traditions to the modern world

If you can exchange your wedding bows outside the church, just like in the renaissance era. Then proceed into the church for a mass surrounded by your guests.

Agreements and contracts were part of the bridal traditions, describing the rights of the bride and groom.
You can incorporate this into your wedding with a modern funny twist.

Start by letting your guest know that you will read the contract between you an your groom asin the renaissance era.
But you won't be talking about titles of nobility and lands.
What about something like: The groom has the right to watch the super bowl as long as the bride is able to watch every Grey's anatomy episode (or any series you love). Just write 8 of these marital clauses or as many as you want. It will make sure to place a smile on your guests faces and will make your festivities very original.

Another traditions was to have the bride and groom take a sip of spiced wine out of a embellished chalice. You can easily implement this idea into your wedding.

And another tradition was to have an individual flat cake (kind of like a pancake) made for each guest instead of the tiered wedding cake we are use to nowadays. The guest will pile them up in front of the bride and groom and the couple will have to manage to kiss over the top of the pile for good luck. Just incorporate this tradition if your guests list is not large, or you'll end up with a mess!

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