Red Wedding Theme
Passion and Romance are Here

See how to create a dramatic look at your venue

Having a red wedding theme is a unique way to celebrate your union.

It makes sense, after all is the color of passion and romance.It is a bold choice and you can truly make a visual statement when applying it in your venue decorations, attire, flowers and/or favors.
But how do you make your red wedding theme unique?
What if you want it to have a vintage feeling or even a Parisian look to it?
But still make it original and fun?

Let’s take a look at the wonderful work of Jose Graterol Designs and get inspired.

Setting up and the right venue

Finding the right venue for your event can be challenging sometimes, but once you find the right space ,your decorations will enhance the experience.
This event was set at the Paris Theater in Miami Beach, Fl (South Beach).

red wedding theme, red flower arrangement, red an black wedding theme

With all the theater seats removed, now this venue is a great space for events.
Note how the use of white drapery makes this venue even more spacious and ethereal.

Black chandeliers were hanged to create that dramatic effect that will contrast with the bold red arrangements.
It also gives the idea of a vintage touch to the room, even fit for a paris theme wedding.

The table settings are just gorgeous! Mirrors where placed acting as tabletops and reflecting the entire space and light in the room.
This setting is the perfect example of keeping it simple and use it right to create the perfect look.

Minimum linen was used to dress the tables as the mirrors just make it original and modern.
And no chairs covers or sashes.
the cleared chairs used at this wedding just fit and complete the overall look.

See how less is more when you use the resources wisely?
Placing candle lights around the centerpieces bring the romantic essence to this dramatic look.

The Flowers

red wedding theme, red flower arrangement

Using red in your venue decorations will truly have an overall dramatic effect.
But it is also romantic and elegant.
You can feel and breathe the sophisticated atmosphere.

Using red flowers in your arrangements will create a uniform and romantic look.
Roses, orchids, peonies and snapdragons were used to create this breathtaking display.

Anything goes when creating this magic place for your day.
Let your imagination run wild and enjoy your red wedding theme!

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