A Purple Wedding
A Romantic Wedding

Not every purple theme is planned the same. The color preferred by nobility and traditionally said to be the definer of good judgment, is also a favorite among brides.

Maybe it is the mix of warm and cold tones that makes this color so mysterious and irresistible. While a dark deep purple will give your wedding a dramatic look, a soft lavender can create a very romantic environment.

You can use this color along with blues, orange, gold, yellows and/or green.

Let’s take a look at a romantic theme based on a lavender and sage combination. Shall we?

Purple Wedding Invitation

purple wedding invitations
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Purple Invitations

This beautiful color has many shades and tones. Deep purple, lavender and soft tones cna be found in various invitation designs.

Associated with royalty, stationery with this color is always elegant and classy. Find the invitation that will match the overall concept of your theme to let your guests know about your event.

Planning a Purple Wedding Theme

You can set your wedding theme if you plan ahead a few details. For example, have your bridal party dress in purple and have your bouquet match the occasion.
And do not forget about your groom’s boutonniere!

Purple is a color perfect for almost any season, due to the warm and cold tones that form it. Other ways to incorporate the color in your attire are by wearing a purple sash or hair accessory. Even the mother of the bride and or groom can match the color!

A little wedding tip: by using the same color throughout your bridal party attire you will create a uniform effect, perfect for timeless wedding photography.

purple bridesmaid dresses, purple best men attire

Decorating The Reception Hall

Purple is such a bold color that if you want to tone it down, you need to use lavender. Use white linen for your table and chairs, and use purple of sage sashes on the chair covers.

purple wedding decorations
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Purple Wedding Decorations

You can use a simple floral arrangement on your favorite purple flower.
Orchids, tulips, mini carnations, calla lilies and freesias are among the wedding flowers favorites.

Not into flowers?
No problem. An elegant and easy to do for DIY bride sis also among the preferred centerpieces.

Sage wedding hall, purple wedding decoration

Purple Wedding Cake

Every bride has a much defined image of what they want their cakes to look like.
The use of soft lavender as the base color on the wedding cake tiers creates a very delicate effect.
Small cascading white flowers complement the purple tone selected, and add to the romantic overall outcome. Absolutely gorgeous!

lavender cake, lavender wedding cake

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