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Real Summer Wedding

This real wedding was full of colorful and eye catching details perfect for great outdoor wedding pictures and also a trendy stylish look at the reception hall.

Jayne and Nick decided to have a purple wedding palette. They contrasted it with yellow accents and complimented it with white details to create a very unique look.

purple wedding, bridal party

Deep purple was the color of choice for the bridesmaid dresses. The bouquets presented vibrant yellow flowers with only a few deep purple ones creating a striking combination.

purple wedding, groom, church wedding decorations

Nick waited for Jane sporting a gray tux wit a white vest. He completed the look and embraced the theme by wearing a purple tie. Note how the combination of the gray tux and the white vest make all the eyes go to the groom as well.

The church wedding decorations were made with flowers in the same colors as the bouquets. They had a simple but timeless romantic look.

purple wedding, chair sash

Once at the reception hall the same color palette was present but in a different way. The yellow took a secondary role, as it was present in the venue walls.

Because of this and setting up with an elegant romantic look in mind, the table decorations only presented white and purple. White table linen was adorned with subtle purple details.

Take for example how the chairs covers were magically transformed to embrace the theme with a simple purple chair sash.

The deep purple was replaced for a lilac shade instead at the tables. Tall wedding centerpieces took the room decoration to the next level. Trendy feather arrangements looked amazing and gave the impression of a Parisian themed celebration.

purple wedding, purple wedding cake, feather centerpieces

Photos Courtesy of Creative Wedding Photographer Rosie Parsons

Nick and Jayne were able to create a classy purple wedding theme with their white, purple and yellow wedding colors.

Here are some of the great wedding ideas they put in place for their purple wedding that you can adopt for your own event.

Use a feather centerpiece

Feather centerpieces are one of the hottest trends for non floral arrangements. They are easy to create if you are a DIY bride and they won’t require the same upkeep as a floral centerpiece.
You can buy the vases and the feathers in bulk, being savvy and cost effective.

A Stylish Groom Attire

I am just in love with Nick’s look. He was able to create a very unique look by wearing and combining 2 neutral colors in his tux. The combination of the gray and white is original and chic. The splash of color was given by the deep purple tie.

Your future husband can adapt this idea to your own wedding colors. If he is daring enough he can go with a colored vest instead of the white one. For example Nick could have worn a purple vest and a gray or white tie instead. Have fun with your colors and see what works best for you.

Have fun with your palette

This couple was super smart when using their colors. They used the deep and vibrant shades of their color scheme for the church and bouquets, knowing that they will look amazing in photographs.

However, they created a romantic and timeless look at their reception hall by simply toning down the shades. The fact that one of the main colors was present at their venue walls caused the couple not to have the need to utilize it at the table decorations. The yellow was present in the background and still form part of the overall look. 

I hope you have found some tips and ideas that you can use at your own celebration!

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