Purple Wedding Cakes

Amazing cakes with a royal color

Purple wedding cakes are not for the faint at heart.  The bold color is fitted for kings and queens and truly makes a statement.

From deep purple to lavender and lilac, all the shades this color brings are simply eye catching. Usually combined with gold, yellow , greens or pinks, the use of it in your cake will surely not disappoint.

A great color for unconventional winter weddings, and a favorite for summer or outdoor weddings are every day chosen by more brides.

Lavender and Flowers

tons of purple wedding cakes for your celebration

This is a simple lavender design with purple flowers. Frosting and sugar flowers decorate this cake. Elegant and beautiful.

Photo courtesy of Christy Lasy

Purple wedding cakes with more than one shade…

See many purple wedding cakes in different styles and shades
In this picture courtesy of Adri L , you can see that the use of more than a shade of purple is simply astounding when done properly.

Different purples combined with  different design work through the tiers make this cake modern but yet elegant and fun at the same time.

Geometric shapes for a unique look

Gorgeous puprple wedidng cakes for your celebration. Ideas decor and more.
I have no words for this innovative design by she takes the cake .

It is just different from anything you have seen before.
The colors and the concave and convex shapes through the tiers make this cake a work of art.

As you can see there are designs for any taste in this wonderful color. Just get inspired and make one your own.

Now that you have your purple wedding cake see more themed wedding ideas.

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