Plantable Wedding Favors
A Green Gift That Grows Into Your Guests Hearts

Plantable wedding favors are starting to make a name for themselves in the wedding industry.

Nowadays, brides are looking for a greener way to thank their guests, and seeds and potted plants are one of the famous choices. Your guests will remember your wedding day as you will be giving them something that grows and blooms right in front their very own eyes.

Seed packets wedding favors come in various shapes and forms. Here are different ways to present your flower seed wedding favors in a stylish and elegant manner.

plantable wedding favors

If you are having your wedding during Christmas Season or winter season then let your guests know their seat places with this Snowflake Plantable Seed Place card .

Make them bring this seed wedding favor home for planting, and let an array of blossoming wildflowers remind them of your special day. It is also a good choice for wedding favor for your winter wonderland theme wedding.

plantable wedding favors

If you want to give thanks to your guests and be charitable at the same time, then choose this Pink Ribbon Blossoming Favor.

This will surely put a smile on your guests face as they know that you are not only giving them something to bring home to plant but also letting them know that you share your blessing and happiness to the charity institutions that support women all over the world.

How is that for a start on your married life? Generous and gorgeous!

plantable wedding favors

Want to double your green wedding favors as a unique place card holder too? You can make sure that your guests find their seats with this Miniature Place Card Holder and Favor.

They can snatch this cute little chair to bring home, plant, water and watch it blossom to a mini wildflower garden! This one is so stylish and color neutral that it can fit in any type of theme wedding.

Congratulations now my dear bride! You are now a certified ambassadress of a greener world and have started your married life with a garden full of fresh scents and generosity!

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