A Pirate Theme Wedding ...
A stolen treasure chest full of love!

Want a pirate theme wedding?

Is a chase at high seas what inspires you for your wedding day?Do you want a truly original theme?

Your guest will be happily surprised when they arrive at your wedding and see what you planned.

Let's start working and get the party started!

Getting ready for the big day

Your first approach to the pirate theme wedding?
You guessed it! No other than the wedding invitation!

Send out customized pirate invitations to your guests.

If you are a crafty bride, you can make a truly original invitation yourself.
Use parchment paper to create an original invite, you can use pirate jargon if you like.
For an aged paper look you can burn the borders with a lighter just for a few seconds.
This trick can be very time consuming if you are dealing with a large number of invitations, so be careful if you decide to go with it!

Roll your invitations and tie them with a small ribbon. Place them inside a plastic bottle ( you can even mail them like this).

Setting the scene

This theme will be as original and creative as you want it to be. Have your ring bearer dress as a pirate and your flower girls as girl pirate when they walk down the aisle.

Your color palette for this pirate theme wedding will include, reds, burgundy, browns, black, white and a little yellow.

Decorate your tables with red or burgundy linen. You can have an original centerpiece by placing a small treasure chest filled with beads, chocolate coins, mints, chocolate liquor bottles,and/or liquor filled chocolate barrels.

Use pirate flags and fake parrots to set the pirate theme.

A classy pillar candle centerpiece goes really well with this theme too. You can sprinkle some confetti to add the pirate flavor to your party.

You can also place on the tables ( or in the chest) some fake bottles of rum. If you decide to use flowers, red roses are perfect for the occasion.

Dressing the part...

There are no rules set as to what kind of dress you should wear for a pirate theme wedding.
However a classic wedding dress with an ample skirt it is ideal form my point of view. Make a statement with a gorgeous red roses bouquet.
Wear big vintage jewelry and you will be all set.

Your groom can wear a vest in a non traditional color such as gold or red to go with the theme.
Of course there are daring couples who go with the whole pirate ensemble for this theme.
If you are part of this group go with it and remember to come back here to share your pictures with us!

The food

Serve a lot of finger food. Whether is chicken drums, wings, nuggets, think finger food all along with this theme. Butterfly shrimp, mini burgers, kebabs are also a fit for this theme.

You can have a more elaborate menu if you decide to , but a pirate's theme wedding menu is one of the easiest and stress free ones to pull together.

Serve wine and beer and have fruits and cheese trays if you want.

Your Wedding Cake

Have your wedding cake decorated with non traditional colors such as red and gold.
Your pirate theme cake needs to have bold colors, and it will certainly create a focal point at your wedding.

If you decide not to be as bold with the cake, go with a traditional tiered cake and have the tiers decorated with gold touches or red flowers.

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