Peacock Wedding
An Exotic Celebration
Turn up the elegance with this unique theme

A peacock wedding has many tones to it.
While this bird inspires with its colors and history, some brides also get inspired by it and use not so traditional colors.
If you wonder why you should choose this theme for your wedding, the answers are truly endless.

But I guess my best one will be this one: if you are looking for a unique way to have an elegant theme, love teal colors, blues, green s and purple, this theme should fit you like a glove.

Let’s start our journey to create a royal theme for your celebration.

Your colors and your venue

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This theme is great for any season and any venue. There are really no specifics and each bride will add their own twist to it.

Brides that want to create a whimsical event, may go for an outdoor garden celebration, some of them had even rented live peacocks for the day.

Other couples include peacock feathers to their vintage themed celebrations and some others prefer to celebrate the peacock wedding indoors with some elements that define the theme.

peacock wedding, teal sash chair, wedding decoration

How bold or into the theme you want to go is truly up to you..
Let’s take your linen for example. Using white linen for your tables and chair covers is easy and affordable.

How do you bring the theme alive? Simply add a teal, blue or green sash to the chair cover and you are done. Now if you want a darker look , you could use green linen and adorn with a blue or white chair sash to contrast. Two very different looks for the same theme.

The centerpiece

A peacock wedding centerpiece usually combines the colors that you chosen for your peacock wedding in different or one element.
If you chose one element alone, this one is usually peacock feathers.

But some other elements in the colors could also make a great peacock centerpiece, for example some pillar candles in the color of your choice.

You could take some deep blue pillar candles and place them in the center of your tables. You can surround them with green sea glass, or beads and you will have created the peacock theme based on the colors without using the traditional peacock feather.

Some couples also decide on a floral arrangement with flowers in those colors, so you truly have plenty of options.

Dressing the part

You can wear any type of dress for this theme. You can even add a couple of peacock feathers to go with the theme. Accessorizing is also a great way to achieve the look. For example you could carry a feather peacock fan instead of the traditional floral bouquet.

peacock wedding, bridesmaid teal dress, outdoor wedding

What about your bridesmaids? You should have theme wear a dress on one of the main colors for your event. Take inspiration in this great picture, where bridesmaids are wearing gorgeous teal dresses for an outdoor celebration.

peacock wedding, peacock dress, unconventional wedding dress

Speaking of your look, again. There’s this new trend where the bride actually changes dresses, a traditional one for the ceremony and a party one for the reception.

If that is the case, or if you are a non conventional bride that wants a dress out of this world, you should really consider wearing a peacock inspired gown. If feathers or non traditional dresses are your thing, this dress should be the one for you!

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