A Peacock Wedding Theme

A Royal Fantasy Wedding with a Unique Theme

Peacock Wedding Theme

This theme is elegant and unique. Your guests will be happily surprised when they arrive at your wedding and see what you have planned.

This bird is truly pretty. And those colors? Just gorgeous!

Wouldn’t you love to be transported to an elegant fantasy land with this theme?

Planning Your Wedding Theme

peacock theme wedding, Peacock Feathers


peacock, wedding theme dress


Peacock Wedding Invitations

Your first approach to the theme? You guessed it: the wedding invitations!

Use a peacock wedding invitation to let your guests know about your big day celebration. The wedding invitation is a very important item; do not underestimate it.

If you are a DIY bride and want to make your own invitations, use a DIY Feather Printable Wedding Invitation Kit and create theme-coordinated stationery for your event.

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DIY Feather

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Peacock Feather
Floral Accents

peacock theme wedding, Peacock Feathers

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Peacock Swivels

Setting the Scene with Themed Decorations

This wedding theme brings the elegance and class of an exotic affair, no matter if your celebration will be indoors or outdoors.

You will be working with blues, greens and gold to set the theme. When setting the tables, you could use a peacock feather as a detail to accentuate your napkins.

If you are not using napkin rings, you could easily achieve this detail by tying a gold thread around the napkin and place the feather right underneath the bow you'll tie. It creates a very delicate effect.

You could use green or blue linens for this theme if you don't want to go with the classic white tablecloth, chair covers, etc.

Ivy Lane Design Toasting Flutes - Style A01025FL

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Peacock Wedding Style

Are you a daring bride that wants an absolutely unconventional dress?

Check for a peacock-inspired dress at your favorite store. They are usually made in green or teal colors with wonderful feather work.

But you can always wear the conventional white dress and accessorize with themed inspired jewelry.

Your bridesmaids can wear a teal dress with feather accents to go with the them.

Under rated items like a peacock garter can help you personalize your day and look.

Peacock Theme Centerpieces

Most brides that decide to have a peacock wedding theme like to have a simple centerpiece. The most common one is simply made by placing large feathers inside a tall glass vase.
But I am sure that if you decide to go with this theme you are not like most brides, right? You are unique and want something different, that's why you are still reading.

Why don't you set up a centerpiece with a bird? Really, when you use the right resources, it is even easier. So I did the work for you so it is right at your fingertips if you want to implement this idea.

This is what I found:

* A breathtaking feathered bird. You could seat this bird inside a flat glass bowl filled with glass beads, on top of feather boas or on a mirror plate for a better display.

* Make your own centerpiece using feathers, wreaths or fake birds.

peacock wedding theme
White Birds

peacock wedding theme
Closed Tail
Regal Bird

peacock wedding theme
Closed Tail Feathered

peacock wedding theme
Feather Tail

peacock wedding theme
Long Eye Feathers

peacock wedding theme
Regal Feather Sprays

Your Wedding Cake

The traditional tiered cake works perfectly for this theme. Have a peacock design done over it, or you could go with a blue or green cake with golden accents to go with the theme.

Click on the cake pictures to see more cake designs in tons of colors to get you inspired!

Yellow peacock detailed cake, feather topper
teal and purple peacock inspired cake design

Do you want something more unique? Buy one or two white feathered peacocks to use as a cake topper.

Another idea that brides are going with very happily is the cupcake tree. So if you decide to go with cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake, play with the frosting colors to go with the theme, and decorate them with a single feather.

Our top Picks for a Peacock Wedding Theme

Ivy Lane Design Toasting Flutes - Style A01025FL

Peacock Feathers

Closed Tail Feathered

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