Peacock Wedding Cake

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Peacock Wedding Cake

A peacock inspired design has a beauty to it that is truly difficult to translate into words.

peacock wedding cake, fondant tiered cake
Photo courtesy of Sweet Celebration Cakes

While many cakes have the feather design, some others have the peacock bird as the center of attention.

Using fondant to decorate tiers is a great option, as you can have several designs come to life almost in a 3-D form.

Look at the different flowers cascading down the tiers; they are a great contrast against the teal peacock color of the base. And the peacock eye feather design just completes the overall look.

Whether it's included as a cake topper or as part of the cake decorations, including a peacock bird or two (to represent the couple) is a beautiful way to enhance the cake and make it fit the theme.

Blues, teals and greens are usually the norm, but some daring brides are choosing to include peacock-inspired designs with a red and gold palette instead.

Closed Tail
Regal Peacock

Long Peacock Eye Feathers

Natural Feather Picks

Peacock Birds

Simply Elegant…

peacock wedding cake, peacock topper tiered cake
Photo courtesy of Sweet cakes by Rebecca

A pure white classic takes a walk down the peacock cake avenue with some fondant detailing. The design is very simple yet elegant.

A green ribbon detail enhances the base of each tier, and two peacock birds are placed as cake toppers.

Shimmery Motif…

peacock wedding cake, beige peacock feather detail cake
Photo courtesy of Mugeraurtl

A very special take on the wedding cake, this one doesn't really have the traditional colors but the motif is certainly there.

An almost glittery beige base was used on the tiers that later were decorated with the peacock eye design.

As you can see many brides choose a peacock wedding theme, there are many visions of the same theme.

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