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Wedding Supplies For Your Peacock Theme Event

Welcome to our Peacock theme store.

If you are planning a peacock theme wedding or event you know that sometimes peacock decorations are not that easy to find.

You have the theme and the party planned in your head. Now is time to buy the wedding supplies that will make your reception, venue and even your attire make your vision come to life.

 Some Peacock Wedding Ideas

Peacock Feathers

Feathers can be incorporated to your centerpieces, flower arrangements, wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

You can use peacock feathers in a large vase for a purely feather centerpiece or you can mix them with other elements, such as flowers, fake crystals, glitter, candles, ornaments, etc.
Feathers picks can be used to enhance your bridal bouquet as well as a detail on wedding invitations or on top of your napkins in your table set up.

Find all the peacock feathers here.

Peacock Jewelry

You can wear peacock inspired jewelry on your wedding day. While you as the bride can wear traditional jewelry such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets, mothers of the bride prefer to fit the wedding theme by wearing a peacock brooch.

The groom can add the theme to his attire wearing a peacock tie or a peacock feather pick instead of a boutonnière.

Find peacock inspired jewelry here.

Peacock Hair Accessories

You and your bridesmaids can wear peacock inspired hair accessories  for a bold look.
Peacock feathered headbands and hair pins can truly define your look for the wedding day.

Peacock Fans

Peacock feathers and marabou fans can be used for decorations. Whether you include them as part of a unique centerpiece, or as wall decorations on your reception hall you are sure to make a statement.
You can also use them instead of the traditional wedding bouquet if you want to give your peacock wedding theme a more vintage look, or a little bit of fun burlesque.

Peacock Inspired Shoes

Peacock wedidng shoes

If you are a daring bride that wants to go all out for the theme, wearing non conventional bridal shoes is an option.

Blue or teal shoes are among the favorites for a peacock wedding, but also note that if you are wearing a short dress, you can wear peacock feathered sandals.

These stunners will be in everyone head and will make you the headliner you should be as the bride.
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Peacock Birds

Peacock bird wedding decorations

Peacock Birds and wreaths are used as decorations or as part of centerpieces. A fake peacock bird can also be used as an original cake topper to fit the theme.

You can also create a stunning picture opportunity at your venue with life size artificial birds.

Peacock wreaths can be used as a frame for a floral or candle centerpiece as well as wall decorations.

Let your imagination run wild and use these items to your best advantage to create the wedding you always dreamt of!

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