Peacock Feathers Questions

by Rakhee Neebar


I am looking for peacock feathers as it is the theme for my sweet sixteen party.

However, I was wondering if the feathers you are selling on this site is real.

Real peacock feathers are very sacred, and should only be used for spiritual purposes.

Please reply ASAP


Dear Rakhee:

The feathers displayed in our store come from different wholesalers.
The ones noted "natural" are indeed real peacock feathers.
As for other products some of them have the real peacock tip feather, but are also mixed with marabou feathers, so not the whole thing is real peacock.
If you are looking at some specific product that is not noted natural in the description and you want to be 100% sure, please contact me and let me know so I can contact the manufacturer and clear any doubts.

Hope that helps you.


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