Peacock Cake

Unique Visions for Your Wedding Cake Designs

A Peacock cake is the dream cake for brides that are planning a peacock theme wedding , a nature wedding an in some cases even an Indian theme wedding.

The traditional color are blues and greens, but there are always many takes on the same theme and you want something truly original.

Here you will see some great motif in not so traditional peacock colors, which add even more to this elegant and fantasy theme. A unique vision for a creative bride, that’s what we are all about!

Romantic Vintage

peacock cake, vintage wedding cake, white peacock design

This cake has a romantic and vintage feeling to it. I do not know if it’s the colors or that amazing topiary alike on the top tier. But one thing is for sure, this design is grand.

The detailing , the gorgeous peacock and the gold enhancement makes this one truly one of a kind.

Photo courtesy of Karen Portaleo-Highland bakery

Bright Colors

peacock cake, peacock feathers topper, yellow peacock cake

What about this design? In a way it could truly fit a mardi gras theme, right?
The combination of painted peacock feathers against the yellow base makes it fun and colorful.

And that topper, peacock feathers and hanging crystals, truly unique.

Photo courtesy of EB Cakes

Another Twist

peacock cake, silver wedding cake, purple design

OK, I love purple, so this one really caught my eye. The combination of silver , white and purple it is unique and elegant. Note that this time around the feathers are black and the peacocks used as cake topers are actually silver.

Also pay attention to the table setting, it is gracefully coordinated creating a great overall look.

Photo courtesy of Itsmekarla

I know you found what you looked for if you wanted something unconventional. But if you are more into the traditional colors, check our classical peacock wedding cake photos to get inspired.

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