A Paris Theme Wedding

A Romantic Wedding Theme

Creative Ideas to bring the city of Lights right to your venue!

Paris Theme Wedding

A Paris theme wedding is many brides dream come true.If you are in love with the city of lights, you may choose it as the backdrop for your celebration.

And why not? Paris offers great scenery, history and awesome food (and wine!). Exciting nightlife and endless walks in romantic parks, sharing a passionate or a sweet kiss, France offers all of these inspiring scenarios for you to dream of.

paris wedding inspired table

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So let’s travel together if only for one day and just round the corner from home to a vibrant and unique wedding celebration.

Your Wedding Location

You will turn your venue into a place where you could swear you are in France, no matter where you are physically at.  And how do you do it? As with many themes, with a little planning and specific details that will bring the Parisian surroundings to life.

An indoors reception hall is recommended for this theme, as you could play with lightning and decorations to set up the perfect environment.

Setting Up

Here is where you can truly shine and create an impressive setting for your Paris theme wedding. You will be working with white linen, but you could also use red linen for a bold effect if your party takes place at night.

Red bold flower arrangements surrounded by candles will bring the romanticism to the tables. Using candles as centerpieces will create the most elegant and romantic look for this theme. You can even add flowers to the candle centerpieces for a unique look.

You can also use ready made Eiffel tower inspired centerpieces at your tables.

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Place mini Eiffel tower place card holders to set the theme even more. You can also hold your napkin with a red napkin ring or place a red ring and on the next plate setting a black or gold napkin ring.

The ultimate decoration for your Paris theme wedding is a lighted Eiffel Tower.  It will truly set the theme and you can create beautiful wedding pictures with it in the background.

Illuminated Eiffel Tower

Your Parisian Inspired Menu

paris theme wedding, croquembouche

France and great food go hand in hand.  Remember to include at least one French item in your wedding menu.
Another way to incorporate the French taste to your celebration is by serving great pastries and coffee. And your cake... it should really have an impressive French look.
You can achieve this by using a french design or actually have the traditional French  croquembouche as your wedding cake!

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