Palace Wedding Theme
An Imperial Wedding Theme for a Royal Couple

Palace Wedding Theme. Isn’t it always royalty and romance what a wedding is all about for couples? A palace wedding theme is a good way to let everyone you love know that your dream “ Do Come True!” as you have found your prince charming that swept you off your feet!

Bring your dreams to life with our enchanting and fairytale ideas for your palace theme celebration.

palace wedding theme

Finding the perfect venue for your dream wedding may take time so plan ahead.
The best place for this theme is of course a palace itself. If there are no real castles or palaces in your area, look for a venue with high ceilings and vintage like decorations where your theme can be embraced.

Older hotels and/or bed and breakfasts with ample gardens can do the trick. The gardens will be an excellent backdrop for your celebration.

A perfect venue has a romantic view, well-manicured lawn and a good history background.

palace wedding theme

Once you have decided on the place you will hold your wedding at, it’s time to set up the venue. Actually, a palace theme wedding doesn’t require a lot of decorations.

The palace itself speaks for a regal wedding. You can have your ceremony in one of the naturally well-lighted place in the castle. Large windows let the natural light in to the venue, and your guests enjoy the natural design of the place. Chairs covered with white linen gives a clean and fresh feeling, and let you walk down the isle like Cinderella!

palace wedding theme

The best thing about a palace is that they have big stairs that support an spectacular entrance. Picture yourself just like a queen coming down the stairs wearing her best gown in tune with the melodramatic symphony of a quartet.
Can you see yourself having a grand entrance of your lifetime? Wow! This will be a wedding you have dreamt of and your guests to learn by heart in their whole life!

palace wedding theme

Photos Courtesy of Creative Wedding Photographer Rosie Parsons

And what you wear can also add to the overall royal look of your event. A bride can wear a Cinderella gown, which have a ball skirt and can be worn with large petticoats to make you feel like a modern princess. You could also wear a lace dress to achieve a classic glam look. Simple make up will help you complement the simplicity and antiquity of the venue. Bridesmaids, often as not, wear something blue (especially royal blue) , which give your wedding the royalty treatment it deserves.

Purple , red and gold are other colors to be considered royal that you may want to include or choose as part of your palette for your palace wedding theme .

It is very common for the groom to wear tux on their wedding day, but with this theme you can play a little with the colors. Let your groom wear something fresh, a navy blue tux with a royal blue neck tie. Your groom will look a debonair prince charming with a modern twist.

And this theme is also ideal if you want to include your Scottish, irish or british heritage, so consider if you want to include some wedding traditions

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