Palace Wedding Theme Decorations
A Modern Fairytale Theme

Great palace wedding theme decorations go hand in hand with a palace theme wedding . Ok now, you’ve decided to have your venue in a Palace for a Cinderella like wedding, you’re next step is to set your stage

Simple but well thought decorations will actually light up and give a modern look to a vintage themed venue.

So hop in to our pumpkin carriage and we’ll take you to happily ever after wedding ideas!

palace wedding theme decorations

A palace or castle is already as beautiful as it gets. The natural beauty of the place can actually be an advantage for your low budget wedding. Add a dash of light everywhere. A cozy and romantic wedding ceremony. You can also let your guests tour the venue for a historical background around the palace/castle before they proceed to the wedding hall. It will give them an idea as to why you chose the place and will create precious memories.

palace wedding theme decorations

A white on white palette for a smaller place will create the illusion of a bigger room. The cleanliness of white gives pure delight to all the attendees. A palace theme can be hold in any type of venue.
If you can find a good place, which you can turn into a palace like venue, then go for it! Choose light colored roses, like pink, cream, and white, to decorate your tables. This formal setting is good for a black and white wedding affair too.

palace wedding theme decorations

palace wedding theme decorations

Photos Courtesy of Creative Wedding Photographer Rosie Parsons

One of the most important items in a wedding but still really under estimated by many couples are the wedding invites. They need to reflect the tone of your theme.
Having a formal affair? Then, express your intentions by sending a elegant and simple invitations with a handwritten like font. Wow everyone and get them prepared for the theme delivering them with a butler at the doorsteps of your guests. A classic monogram embossed in front of your invitations will give your guests a best hint on what to expect.

My lady, your knight in shining armor and your castle awaits you!

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