Original Wedding Ideas

You are here because the idea of another cookie cutter type of wedding makes you cringe. You want something unique original, and it doesn’t matter if it is elegant, fun, or vintage, your theme just needs to have lots of creativity and uniqueness.

Here is a glance at different options to start planning your own original wedding celebration  now.

Alice in Wonderland

alcie in wonderland wwedding theme, alice in wonderland party decorations

Down the rabbit hole you can encounter a whimsical theme full of color and vibrant palette. This theme is for the playful bride that wants to let her imagination run wild . See how to decorate as the starter on this Alice In wonderland theme 


diaond wedidng theme, diamond party favors

When you were a little girl you dreamed of finding your prince just like in the fairy tales. And in those sweet dreams, he would come with a ring and that precious stone to declare his love to you forever.

Now the day has arrived and a diamond wedding theme is just what you need


Check out the best ideas for your peacokc wedding theme. Invitations, decor, dresses and more

If you dream of a mix of royalty and fantasy for your wedding is what you want, a peacock theme is just what you need.


Fidn all the tips and ideas to create your own carnival themed wedding. Invitations, centerpieces, decorations, favors and much more

This theme is fun and unique. If you are not looking for a cookie cutter wedding theme, this may be it!

Your guests will be happily surprised when they arrive at your wedding and see what you have planned; the Ferris wheel, the carousel, the popcorn and the night breeze...

Start planning your carnival theme here

Winter Wonderland

Plan your own winter wonderland party. Ideas for a unique wedding table, centerpiece, invitations, cake, decorations and more

If you love the cold weather, breathtaking scenery and a the magic and beauty of a fairy tale, this is definitely the theme for you. Winter weddings have a magical element to them, so enjoy it!

Let's create the magic of an enchanted land just for your day.

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