Origami Paper Flowers
Paper Flower Centerpiece

Origami paper flowers are known for their beautiful appeal. Expert folders are always using their imagination to create unique designs inspired by nature.

We talked to expert folder Benjamin John Coleman from Benagami.com, who has been hooked on origami since his father brought an origami book to share with his family at Christmas 1974.

His book Origami Bonsai: Create Beautiful Botanical Sculptures From Paper is being used by many brides and designers alike to create original wedding decorations.

He has created a simple system for truly eye catching bonsai displays along with a unique method to for making them.

Here are his thoughts and words of encouragement for all the brides that want to learn simple techniques and achieve amazing handmade wedding displays making paper flowers.

  • What would you say to a bride that fears working with origami techniques?

  • My book teaches how to make origami squares from regular copy paper. This makes practicing incredibly inexpensive to do.

    You can practice until you perfect the folding techniques, then use expensive paper for your final project. The book also comes with detailed videos to ensure that you will be successful.

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  • How long do you estimate it takes to complete a simple origami bonsai?

  • Once you've mastered the folding patterns, creating a simple sculpture, like a wedding centerpiece, can be done in less than three hours.

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  • Do you think that with a little creativity your paper flowers can be used not only for bonsais but for other wedding items like bouquets or boutonnieres?

  • The flower folding pattern taught in my book looks like a REAL flower. It can be used anywhere you would use a real flower. My book also teaches how to make little boxes from squares of paper.

    People have given away little origami bonsai magnets to guests at their weddings. Each magnet had a flower and two leaves and was packed inside a little origami box. They were beautiful!

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