Orchid Wedding Theme

An Orchid Wedding Theme will bring the exotic and elegance to your wedding day.Orchids represent strength, love, luxury and wealth.

The Greeks believed that these flowers represented virility and that they thought the sex of their babies could be determined by the length of the orchid's tubers they ate.

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You have plenty to choose from in colors and sizes if you decide to have this flower as the theme of your event.
They are the preferred flower for Asian themed and Hawaiian themed weddings.

Some ideas...

* Personalize your champagne glasses with an Orchid design.

* Have dry flower petals toss at you at the end of your ceremony.

* Fill a champagne glass with dry petals or scatter the petals on the tables.

orchid wedding theme, flower wedding theme, orchid wedding centerpiece

* Use Orchid detailed napkin holders or detailed napkins.

* Fill a bowl with water and add orchids for a floating centerpiece.

Dressing the part

Your wedding bouquet will be striking with this flower! You could also accessorize your hair with fresh flowers but the most common use is to have an orchid corsage on your wedding day.

You could have your groom wear a matching boutonniere (a buttonhole flower) on his tuxedo.

The wedding favors

orchid wedding theme, gel candle, orchid wedding favor

My favorite favors for this theme are:

* Elegant Orchid Gel Candle

* shaped soaps

* go green and give your guest a potted orchid!

* Personalized M&M's with an Orchid flower picture

* Fill Tropical Orchid Favor Boxes with your favorite candy.

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