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An orchid centerpiece is the perfect combination of balance and mystery. This exotic flower has it all to make a perfect arrangement.

No matter what your wedding colors are , more than likely there's an orchid variety that will fit your theme. Yellows,oranges, purples, pinks and whites are among the most popular colors. But these flowers also can be found in other colors or in more than one color.

They are beautiful alone but also adapt to different themes when combined with other elements. Original table arrangements and centerpiece ideas can be created with a little bit of imagination. Different vases and/or container can define the look of the centerpiece. Using pebbles, fake crystals, pearls, bear grass, ribbons, artificial birds, etc. will certainly give your arrangement a very defined style.

Natural flowers are gorgeous, but remember that this one is one of those flowers that can be hard to get if you get married when they are off season, so you may have to use silk flowers or pay some extra for them, so take this into account when planning your wedding budget.

Get inspired by the pictures presented below and create your own orchid centerpiece. And come back and share your wedding centerpiece idea with other brides, or get tips and ideas for your theme from our community here!

orchid centerpiece, coral orchid centerpiece

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orchid centerpiece, pink orchid centerpiece

orchid centerpiece, white orchid centerpiece

orchid centerpiece, yellow orchid centerpiece wedding table arrangement

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