Orange Weddings
A Bright Wedding Day

Orange Weddings. Brides who use orange for their weddings are said to be spontaneous, bold, daring and trendy. This color is very stimulating and inspirational yet warm and inviting.

The color is very versatile for weddings with its different tones and shades. You can use coral for spring, burnt orange for fall and tangerine for summer. Meaning, no matter what season you choose to marry, you can always use your favorite color orange shades!

Let us take you to the world of citrus wedding! A bright and life loving wedding ideas!

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A bride can wear the traditional white gown while holding a bouquet of orange flowers. The bride’s smile while holding here brightly colored bouquet? For the groom, an orange corsage will do the trick and an orange tie best suit for his groom’s men will also fit the theme.

orange weddings, orange wedding tables

How do you spread the color of love to your wedding? By incorporating orange colors in every possible way on your wedding. Let the loud color of fuchsia pink and orange live up to your expectation!

Play up the same vibrant color palette on your centerpieces; let the flower arrangements in your wedding tables stick to the hues.

orange weddings, orange wedding centerpiece, orange wedding cake

A tall candleholder decorated with orange and pink flowers gives an amazing combination. You can also scatter some rose petals on the table for a more summery romantic feel.

Aside from the floral arrangements, you can add zesty elements on your tables in orange weddings. An original wedding idea is to decorate with fresh fruits as they add character and authenticity to the centerpieces and decorations.

The wedding favor is one of the essential parts of your wedding. A great way to let your guests remember your wedding is by giving them a personalized orange liqueur or juice bottle as wedding favors.

An item that people always looks forward to in event is the wedding cake. Whether it is a cake iced and decorated fully in orange or a white based cake adorned with orange decorative items your cake will be an important focal point.

You can use items like orange flowers and scattered petals to create a unique and sweet design. Another idea is to add an orange stripe at the base of each layer to lovely define your cake style.

Have a citrusy and beautiful wedding!

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