Ocean Wedding Invitations
One Theme, Many Styles

Ocean wedding invitations come in many styles and designs.

There is no rule as to what type of invitation you should have if you plan and ocean theme wedding.

ocean wedding invitation, blue wedding invitation, elegant wedding invitation Possibilities are endless, the simple, the classy, the fun , the original, everything depends on your preference really. Let's check some of them so you can get a better idea.

A Blue Water simple light blue wedding invitation may be all that you need. If you want the formal look and some gold accents, this one is the one for you.

Simply Blue

ocean wedding invitation, blue wedding invitation, elegant wedding invitation

If you are looking to make a statement in an elegant and timeless way, you could use an invite with some satin detail or a darker shade like this Silken Satin bow traditional design.

The bow also gives not only the elegant but also nautical element if you are planning a beach, sailor or cruise themed wedding.

The ocean design

ocean wedding invitation, shell wedding invitation, elegant wedding invitation

This gorgeous starfish wedding invitation is also theme oriented. But if this is not your thing, the beach and sea view design could be the perfect option. It is a more colorful and theme oriented option, great to introduce your guests to a fun celebration.

The truly unique

ocean wedding invitation, beach wedding invitation

If you are an original bride and want a unique invitation, this is the one for you.
Message from the Beach Bottle Invitation is a favorite of mine.
Maybe it is the real elements in it, or maybe it is the fact that I like unique things, and this invitation really represents that.

ocean wedding invitation, message in a bottle invitation, beach wedding invitation

I also think it has some kind of vintage feeling to it, and romance, I don't know, there's something about it.

You have many options for this theme. And as I said before, while blue is the prominent color, as you can see the use of golds, browns and silvers are also theme oriented.

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