An Ocean Theme Wedding
Under the Sea of Love

An ocean theme wedding is a unique and fun celebration.
looking for an original blue wedding theme look no further.

Or if you are a bride that simply loves the ocean, its creatures and the peace and relaxing feeling of listening to the water you are surely to make this one your theme.

With so many things to plan, let's get started.

Getting ready for the big day...

You may think that choosing the wedding colors for this theme are a no brainer, right? But not so fast! Think again!

While the main colors for your celebration will be blues, in different tones and shades, the accent colors are really up to you. Some brides like to add a a little sparkle and decide to use silvers and/or gold.

Others love to complement the blues with greens and/or purples, and others love to just use the contrast of yellows, reds and/or orange.

As you can see the possibilities are endless and the ocean theme is really flexible. You can have a very formal or a very non traditional celebration, it is really up to you.

The first hint for your guests that you are having this theme will be given by your wedding invitation.
And really once again, there are so many options!
Ocean wedding invitations come in many sizes and colors just to fit your style.

The perfect location

ocean them wedidng decoration, fish standee

I know you are a creative bride ,so you are going to think out of the box for your wedding venue.

You may want to check your local aquarium, hotels and or seafood restaurants. Some of them may be already decorated to fit the ocean theme wedding and you won't have to worry as much to achieve the look chosen for your event.

If you can't find a venue that is already decorated, don't fear. Using some fish standees,and sea turtles standees on your venue corners or focal points, will help creating the perfect environment.

ocean theme wedding decoration, crab wine holder

And some details on your tables here and there will achieve perfection.For example you can use crab wine bottle holders and spice things up.
Another great item that you should use is the shell card holder<.

And if you are in the look for a different type of centerpiece use a Seashell Melon Dish.
And how do you use it? You can place flowers in it, cookies , or even seashell floating candles,for a unique arrangement.

Dressing the part

Many brides think ocean theme wedding and say instantly Mermaid dress. Yes, it is a great option but you are still reading cause you want something unique. So I thought... Why not a fish tail wedding dress?

It is truly gorgeous. It looks like if you are carrying a mini train. And you will be walking so much freely than with a mermaid dress.

Another thing you can do is to wear a blue garter.
And have your bridesmaids wear an satin ocean color dress.

The Wedding Favors

So many options for wedding favors, but here are my favorites:

* "Kissing Fish" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

* Sea Animal Glass Candle Holders

* Authentic Seashells

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