A New Orleans Wedding Theme

A New Orleans wedding theme is quite unique

Have you ever been to the French Quarter? Historic buildings and mysterious stories find you at every corner.
Do you love Mardi Gras and want to recreate the atmosphere for your day?

Or is it jazz music and history what inspires you to this theme?
Any way you decide to approach it, music, great food and colors will spice up your celebration

Your colors

You have been going through all of these emotions at your ceremony, and now it’s time to party!

If you are recreating the spirit of the French quarter you will be working with bold colors.
The classic mardi gras colors could be yours, being. Purple, green and gold are the traditional palette.
You can also work with reds, browns, blues, white, pink and/or black to accentuate these other colors or tone them down.

Setting up

How you present your ballroom to your guests will make the theme come to life.

You can use candles to illuminate your tables.

You could also scatter beads on the tables to set the mood.

Another great use that beads have is to place them surrounding your centerpiece to spice things up New Orleans style.

new orleans wedddng decoration, bourbon street building kit

Want to wow everyone?
You would love to have your wedding at New Orleans, but why don’t you bring the French quarter to your reception hall?
Use bourbon street buildings kits to help you set the French quarter right in front of your eyes.

What about the favors?

While having this theme is lots of fun , you must be wondering what kind of favors you could give out to your guests.

There's a great selection , besides the obvious beads and masks. These includes candles and mint tins with fun mardi gras designs.

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