Nautical Wedding Decorations

Nautical Wedding Decorations

These original nautical decorations will set your theme with ease. Having a nautical theme wedding not always implies having your reception at a yacht or cruise ship.

So you need to set the theme straight at whatever venue you decide to hold your event at. Probably you are thinking about your nautical centerpieces, favors and more.

If you have done your homework you already know that the decorations take a great part of the overall look of your  reception hall.

If you are a a DIY bride or a bride that is actively involved with the whole planning process, you will be amazed with these arches.

One of the best wedding ideas implemented by many professionals in the bridal industry, has to do with the setting the couples wedding theme in every aspect possible. And these nautical theme decorations do just that.

These arches let you and/your guests make an entrance to the venue where a wonderful reception awaits. They also serve as excellent backdrops for your event and help create wonderful pictures and memories for the years to come.

Take a look at these nautical wedding decorations and make one your own!

Life Preserver Nautical Standee

Life Preserver Nautical Standee

This Life Preserver Nautical Standee features a white life preserver accented with red stripes that has a light blue center to simulate a water background. Each 3 feet 9 inch high x 3 feet 10 inch wide Life Preserver Standee is made of cardboard and is free-standing and one-sided. Use as a great add-on to any nautical themed party. Easy assembly.

nautical wedding decorations, Life Preserver Arch Kit

Life Preserver Arch Kit

Life Preserver Arch Save the life of your party! Place our 8.5 foot high x 10.5 foot wide x 1 foot deep cardboard arch at your party entrance for a great photo opportunity and welcome area. Assembly required.

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These amazing nautical wedding decorations will help you bring your vision to your event. Now click and see more beach wedding ideas.