A Nautical Theme Wedding

Sailing to Endless Love

Nautical Theme Wedding
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As the preppy fun loving chic bride you are, you have chosen a nautical theme for your event.

So picture this: Partying in a sailboat, a lighthouse on the horizon, a flock of seagulls flying by. Just a fun and relaxing day for you to share with your loved ones.

Anchors, sailboats, seagulls, light houses, the beach, flags,  piers and more items are present in your vision. Let's start planning your ideal theme for your celebration!

Plan a Nautical Theme Wedding 

Start your theme by sending a nautical theme invitation, which will prepare your guests for the celebration to come.

From an original message in a bottle to an elegant and classy invitation you have many options to fit your personality and color palette. 

Sailing Away

The ideal place for this type of theme will be the beach, a yacht or dock.
If your celebration will be in a traditional venue, set the scene by placing wooden birds in a post, maritime anchors and/or a boat steering wheel as decorations.

Use white or blue for your linen. This theme is so informal that it is not necessary for you to deal with chair covers. You don't have to have solid linens.

You can also use a table runner to create contrast on the tables. A striped pattern in navy blue and white will fit perfectly for the occasion.

You can use gossamer to decorate any venue in an affordable way. You can use it as  table linen, to make backdrops, table runners, sashes and more.

Instead of napkin rings, use sailor rope tied around the napkin. Make a simple bow with it, or if you know how to do it, make a sailor knot instead. If you decide to keep it simple on your centerpiece pillar candles work very well with the theme.

Theme Wedding Centerpieces

If you decide to have flower arrangements, go with white flowers in small but tall arrangements. You could use sailor rope around the vases, going along with the nautical theme.

For something a little more sophisticated, place a mirror as your base and place a sailboat centerpiece or Sailboat shaped tea light holder on top.

To give this centerpiece a vintage touch, use a map of the old world as your base instead of the mirror. You can get any of these items to put the centerpiece together at any arts and crafts store.

Another idea is to use a wooden lighthouse as one of your nautical centerpieces.
Remember, you want to create a relaxed but fun atmosphere.

Nautical Theme Wedding Colors

Which colors should you use for a nautical theme wedding?
Navy blue (of course), white and gold. You may want to add a little bit of red or yellow as a detail to create some contrast, but don't overdo it!
Use your contrasting color wisely. Maybe in your flowers, swizzle sticks or napkins should be enough for you to set the right balance.

Nautical Theme Wedding Menu Ideas

Nautical wedding cake, blue and white cake

Serve a light seafood menu, especially if you are celebrating outdoors.
Consider any dishes or appetizers that include fish, lobster, shrimp or crabmeat.
Canapés, salads and pasta would be ideal.

And as for your bar, keep it simple. Wines, spritzers, fruit juices and/or champagne should be sufficient.

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Nautical Theme Wedding Party Favors and Gifts

You'll find many types of favors for a nautical theme wedding.
Metal boat personalized favors, candles, bookmarks, anchor key chains, etc.

Small ships in a bottle are one of my favorites, along with lighthouse figurines.
Personalized beach mats, water bottles and nautical tote bags are among the more unique ones.

Nautical Wedding Dress

The best dresses for this theme are strapless and a slim fit, in a light flowy material.

Another type of dress you may want to considerate is the mermaid cut dress.
If you want to match the theme even more, wear a dress with some type of navy blue detail—a sash at waist level would be a good way to achieve this.
Accessorize your look with pearls or gold jewelry.

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