Nautical Theme Decorations

Brides who want nautical decorations can become a little overwhelmed when trying to create the overall look of their theme wedding.

Between anchors, flags, hats, sailboats, palm trees and so much more, some of them can become dizzy with the wedding planning.

Setting up your wedding tables is one of the most challenging things you will face with your event. From the linen, tablecloths, chair covers, nautical centerpieces and more you can easily stress out thinking about the possibilities.

The way your table settings are lay and presented will have a great impact on your theme.
Lucky for you, we have found these easy, fun and unique ways to set your tables in an easy and affordable manner.

All that you need to do is take some wedding ideas, get the right supplies and get creative. Take note of nautical fishnet and gossamer to create amazing table settings in an easy non stressful way.
Your guests won't believe the magic that you will create with these theme decorations!

nautical theme decorations, Nautical 6'x23' Fishnet Blue

Nautical 6'x23' Fishnet Blue Each

Select blue, white or yellow for the 6' X 24' net. Ideal to set tables or accent walls and chairs for beach, ocean or nautical theme weddings

nautical theme decorationsMetallic Streamer 2

Metallic Streamer 2"x400' Gold Roll

Treat guests to a seaside meal with our Treasure Bay Table Setting. Items are sold separately, for example our Gold Metallic Streamer. Create stunning ceilings that make your room look larger by draping 2" and 4" wide streamers from the ceiling's center to the room's sides. Our 1" and 2" streamers are also perfect for accenting tables and gifts!

Ships Anchor Each

Ships Anchor Each

The Ship's Anchor Prop features a royal blue anchor with silver sinsel seaweed. Each of the Ship's Anchor Props is made from metal and measures 4 1/2 feet high x 3 1/2 feet high. Easy assembly.

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