Nautical Centerpieces

Nautical Centerpieces

These are the best nautical themed centerpieces. If you are trying for an easy way to decorate your tables for a nautical theme wedding, you will be thrilled with these ready made centerpieces.

These wedding decorations require little or no assembly and they will help you set your venue for your nautical, cruise ship, ocean or beach theme event.

These nautical theme decorations are elegant and  truly original. Whether you are looking  for an incredible sailboat centerpiece or  something more subtle like a lamp holder these are the best centerpieces around.

You can choose one of these  nautical centerpieces to use at your venue or combine different ones to give your event am ore unique look. Setting a different type of centerpiece per table also helps your guests distinguish their own table.

Some of them can have the “anchor table” while others can have the “palm tree table” and so on.

Sail away to your new life as you become Mrs. with these great table arrangements.

Lighted Sail Boat Centerpiece

Anchor Centerpiece

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