Napkin Folds
Learn How to Fold Napkins With TheseTechniques

Creative and Original Folds

Creative napkin folds. Learn how to fold napkins for your wedding day. If you want to give your table settings a special detail,one of these creations are the way to go.

Whether you use a flat design or a sculpted one, including a design that fits your theme is an easy way to amaze your guests with your creativity. If you are a DIY bride learning one of these techniques, will allow you to take your table displays to the next level.

Wedding planners and hospitality professionals like myself use this simple tricks to decorate venues and to entertain at home. Giving any dinner , birthday or special occasion that personalized touch that brings your uniqueness to your day is easy if you follow these step by step instructions.

They become great conversation starters at any table no matter if they are used at your wedding reception or if you are hosting a party at home. Browse trough our gallery and find the fold that fits your theme the most, and learn it or recommend it to your wedding planner so it can be included in your event set up. There are several options, elegant , stylish, easy or intricate, once you learn one fold you will be so hooked that you will want to learn them all.

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