Movie Theme Wedding
A Unique Theme with a Hollywood Vibe

Your Wedding at the Spotlight

A movie theme wedding is one of those that are not only unique but a lot of fun planning.

Cinema is your thing, you met your hubby at the movies, want to recreate that very first date, you love that very special film… The reasons are endless as to why you should choose this theme.

And the best part about it is that it can fit any type of budget or formality. Yes, this is one of those themes that can be an extremely elegant affair or a laid back fun celebration. You decide how formal or not you want to go.

Your Wedding Colors

Red, black, white and a tiny hint of gold to accentuate the main palette is what you need to start picturing. If you want to give the movie theme wedding some sort of vintage atmosphere, go only with a black and white palette.

Some Ideas

If you do not want a traditional wedding invitation, use one that simulates a movie ticket. If you are creative enough, you can even make your own invitations with a picture of you and your hubby reminiscence of a movie poster.

Receive your guests with a red carpet leading to your wedding reception hall (and actually consider having a red aisle runner when you walk down the aisle as well).

Your wedding programs? Make them look like a movie cast summary. And name your tables like your favorite movies, actors or actresses. Use white, black or red linen for your tables to fit the theme.

Centerpiece and Decoration Ideas

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Beautiful floral arrangements look gorgeous in any wedding theme. But if you choose this theme you will have plenty of non conventional options.

Use a large popcorn bucket to create an original centerpiece. Just place your flower vase inside of it, so it actually looks like the paper bucket is the vase containing your flowers.

Edible arrangements are fun for your guests, so consider having a centerpiece with items you could buy at the concession stand at the movies. For example place a cupcake tower or a high based tray per table and fill it with individual popcorn bags. Or you can use small candy or chocolates instead.

Placing silhouettes of your favorite actors or decorating with movie posters is great way to decorate and also to create unique picture opportunities. So props that are movie oriented are a great option. Even a gigantic clapboard can inspire a whole room to set the theme for a Hollywood style celebration.

Incorporate the theme to your wedding cake. Have a wedding poster or cameras in the design. Some couples also decide on a bucket of popcorn design or a stars design. The sky is the limit with this theme!

Give out personalized chocolate bars or candy as your wedding favors!

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