A Moulin Rouge Wedding Theme...
Celebrate Satine Style

A Moulin rouge Wedding theme. Why not?

If you love the burlesque, Paris, singing, dancing, and extreme fun this is the wedding theme for you.

And how do you pull it off? Let's see...

Setting the scene

You need to recreate the Moulin rouge environment. your best bet is to find the right venue.
Think unconventional and host your reception at a venue with an antique feeling.
If you find a venue with a small stage theater style you've hit the jackpot!

Eiffel tower decoration Paris Tower Each

You will be using lots of red and black. You may want to add a little gold here and there to add some sparkle to the celebration. Place a Parisian archway.
Have floral arrangements and use exclusively red flowers. Include some pearls of fake diamonds in the arrangement or the vase to kick it up a notch.

Use red or black linen or a combination of both. Think of your wedding as a big display with a great visual impact.

The ultimate decoration for you Moulin Rouge wedding theme? An Eiffel Tower .

Give your guests red feathered boas to complete the look!

So, what should you wear?

The ideal dress for this theme is a fitted upper body one, corset style on top.
As for the wedding dress color... It is really up to you. You could wear the classic white wedding dress, a white dress with black or red detailing and even a complete red dress!
So it is really up to you!

And a little something for your guest

Get creative and have fun with this theme!! Some of my favorite favors ( that your guest will certainly also love!!)

* Corset Favor Bag

* "Sweet Heart" Heart-Shaped Scented Soap with Kate Aspen Signature Charm

* Bridal Satin Keepsake Pouch

* Pink Bodice with Mints Favor
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