Mother of the Bride
Your Role at your Daughter's Wedding

Wedding planning is a special time in the life of a mother and daughter. At one time the mother of the bride was the major wedding planner. Today the mother's role may range all the way from major wedding planner to passive bystander and any place in between.

mother of the bride

One very important role for the mother is that of supportive confidant.
Just as you were there when she went to kindergarten the first day, fell and skinned her knees, and suffered her first heartbreak, you will definitely be needed to be there as a sounding board for your daughters ideas, joys, frustrations, and fears as she begins this new journey in her life.

The months and days leading to the wedding can be a time of stress, a time of joy, and usually some of both.
The mother and her daughter should sit down early in the process and discuss exactly what the bride would like her mother's role to be.

Helping with the budget, shopping with the bride for her wedding dress, contributing to the guest list, and scouting out locations are a few of the things the mother may help her daughter and future son in law do. The most important thing will be to help your daughter create the wedding of her dreams within the preset budget.

With planning, good communication, and an occasional stress relieving activity, the days of wedding planning can add to the special bond and memories that already exist between a mother and daughter.

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