Why not a monogram wedding theme?
Want a timeless classic theme?

Want a monogram wedding theme? Are you looking for a classy timeless celebration?
If so, this is it!

What better way to personalize your wedding ? Your initials at the spotlight of your wedding day!

This theme is also preferred by couples holding an Irish theme wedding, vintage theme wedding or a celtic theme wedding.

The colors...

So what are the colors? There's not set color for this wedding theme, however black, gold or silver are the classic ones, combined with white as the contrast color.
You could really let your imagination run wild with this theme , when it comes to your wedding colors. But keep it simple, preferably not more than two colors.

You could choose any color, but if you choose something out of the traditional palette, you may encounter some difficulty in printing your items, in the color of your choice. So give it a special thought.
A monogram wedding theme is really easy to plan , but choosing the wrong colors could turn your planning into a constant headache.

So which are the classic palettes where you won't have to foresee a headache?

* black and white (the easiest colors to fulfill in any item)

* black and silver

* black and gold ( especially for a night time celebration)

* green and gold or silver ( for Irish or celtic wedding themes)

* baby blue and silver

* ivory and black

* ivory and gold

Setting the scene

Kick of the theme with no other than your wedding invitation. An elegant monogram invitation .

Monogram Invitation Kit

If you are a Do it yourself queen, you can even buy a Monogram Invitation Kit and print your invitation at home. If this is your option remember to buy some extras, in case of emergency!

If you are using your own runner , you could customized by spray painting your monogram at the end of it in the color of your choice.

Make sure to incorporate a monogram ring pillow and guest book at your celebration.

Another way to incorporate the monogram ? have some personalized monogram water bottles , monogram napkins and/or beverage napkins.

Have a classy floral arrangement as a centerpiece, but tie a silk ribbon around the vase in your wedding color. Do the same with a sash around your chair covers.

Dressing the part

There's no specific dress style for a monogram wedding theme so you are game for any dress with theme.
You could incorporate the monogram in your jewelry or hair accessory to go with the theme, or personalize your garter with the monogram initial in a charm ( hot glue it or sew it to the garter).

The cake

Lettered Swarovski Crystal Cake Topper

Have a tiered wedding cake in your wedding colors and incorporate the theme with a script initial cake topper .

Want to add some bling to your cake? Use a Lettered Swarovski Crystal Cake Topper instead.

A little something for your guests

There are many favor for the monogram wedding theme.

Here are some of the options:

* Personalize any favor of your choice with Monogram metal favor charms

* Personalized Candy Pillow Packs - Monogram (Band to Match Candy Color)

* "Mint for Each Other" Monogram Mint Packs

* Monogram Mint Tins (Choose them in your favorite color!)

Monogram Chocolates in Color

* Monogram Chocolates in Color

* Monogram Acrylic Box

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