Mexican Wedding Traditions
A Family Affair

Why are Mexican Wedding traditions said to be a family affair? Family is one of the most important things in life and a wedding marks the beginning of a new family.

So Mexican wedding customs involve family members like no other. Want to see?
Let's get started!

It's in the Mix...

Mexican wedding traditions come from the Mayans and Aztecs, but they are also very much influenced by Spanish traditions.
On the religious side, Roman catholic influence is also very present.
For this reason, some customs are very similar to those of followed by Filipino wedding traditions.

The grandparents have the role of advisors and principal financial sponsors of the wedding.
The advice of the elderly is taken very seriously in this culture.
However, other family members such as parents, siblings and uncles also help with the financials.
Sometimes a specific task is assigned to each member to be completed.
Having this responsibility it is consider an honor, and people is eager to provide their help for the nuptials.

At the Church

These tasks, not only have to do with financials, but family members are also assigned duties during the wedding ceremony such as carrying a prayer book, carrying the lazo (bear with me more on this in a moment), making sure the bride's bouquet is ready for her before walking down the aisle an so on...

It is considered very bad luck for the groom to see the bride's dress or the bride herself before the wedding.
That is hwy usually you will spend time with your mother and both of you will make a prayer before heading to the church.

Walking down the aisle

Once you are having your religious ceremony, many of the roman catholic and Spanish rituals will be followed.

* The lazo After you and your groom exchange vows you will kneel down at the altar and a lazo will be placed in the shape of a figure 8 around your necks.
this symbolizes infinity and you will wear it for the rest of the ceremony.
Once you are ready to walk out of church, the lazo will be given to you, the bride as a gift.

While traditionally the lazo was an adorned cord, nowadays a beaded rosary is used instead. * The 13 coins
The groom will present you, his bride, with 13 gold or silver coins (representing Christ and his 12 apostles).
This custom symbolizes his trust in you and the passing of all material belongings to you.
You will receive them with your hands cupped, and afterwards place them in an adorned box or jewelry box as a wedding keepsake and will be part of your family heirloom.
By accepting them you are pronouncing your unconditional love and confidence in your hubby.

Party at the Reception!

Your wedding reception will be attended by a lot of people!
You can choose whatever colors you like or theme. If you want to go with Mexican all the you can have a mexican theme wedding.
Do you want to include tradition with your wedding cake?

Do so by using a bride and groom topper with a rosary-lasso wrapped around their hands.

And get comfy shoes! You will be dancing the night away to the rhythm of mariachis and Hispanic music.

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