A Mexican Theme Wedding.
Throw an amazing Fiesta

A Mexican theme wedding. Why wouldn't you pick this theme? Honestly the only reason I can think of is that you want a classy one color palette wedding.

But you are here, so I am sure that is not you, right?
The idea of a summer colorful fun reception is written all over a Mexican theme.
Hanging with family and friends, music, colorful decorations and sombreros come to mind.

So you want a unique unconventional reception, right?
If your answer is yes! or Si! just keep on reading.
Let's get busy and have this fiesta started!

Setting the scene

This theme works perfect no matter what time of the day your celebration will be, or if it is outdoors or indoors. There are two main color palettes you could use for this theme:

* yellows, reds, oranges, blues, pinks and greens.

* pinks, reds, purples, black and blues

A Mexican theme wedding allows you to think out of the box.
A good start is a non traditional invitation , such as a customized Mexican party invitation.

Receive your guests with a shot of tequila. Set your tables with white linen and add the fiesta touch by placing a mexican runner across them.
Have a unique centerpiece by setting a cactus pinata surrounded by chips and salsa or a straw sombrero hat , where you can place the chips, guacamole and salsa inside instead for a unique touch.

Of course you can go with the traditional flower bouquet! Just make sure you keep your arrangement a very colorful and summery one.
You could use a big yellow flower to make a statement. Sunflowers are perfect for this theme due that they are summery and have the perfect colors.

So, what should you wear?

Hmmm, what kind of dress should you wear for a mexican theme wedding?
You could go with a traditional mexican dress, but, as this is your wedding day I think you should just go with any dress you like.
Just wear some red lipstick and an updo with braids and you will be set.
You could also wear a flower in your hair to go with the theme.

Let's talk about food!

Who doesn't love at list one item in a Mexican restaurant menu? You have many options when it comes to a Mexican theme wedding.

Set a salad bar or a soft taco bar. Chicken breast, mexican rice and beans are among everyone's favorites so you can consider them for your menu.
Serve drinks that are tequila based or mexican beers.
To go easier on your bar, name a margarita after yourself and your groom ,and make that your signature drink.
Serve it in a special Cactus Margarita Cup. As for your cake, ask for a tres leches cake and don't forget the coffee to go with it!

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