Medieval Wedding and Invitation Wording

We are going to a medieval wedding and have an have an idea that has to do with invitation wording.
Just got invited and would like to accept in the affirmative in medieval english. Any suggestions?

Dear wedding Guest:

What a fabulous idea! This is awesome, I love whem the bride and groom have a great wedding theme and guests like yourself take the initiative to jump on board with it with ideas like this.

I am not quite sure if you are a male or female, but if there's a man in the household that will be attending, he will be considered the main guests in charge of the your whole party so you will reflect this in your reply, just to go with the flow of the medieval times etiquette.

So you will reply like this:

Lord (your last name) wel suen wit hise parage te oure spousaille

Which means: Lord (your last name) will attend with his family to your wedding.

If you are a female, use "Lady" instead of Lord/

You can use a gothic font on your reply to match the theme of the occasion, and remember to also include the translation!
I am sure you will wow the bride and groom with your reply.

Here are other useful words,for gusts out there, that may be attending alone and want to use this great idea.

I : Ich

my : min

alone : al-one

and : an

Hope that helped you. Come back and share the pictures of the wedding when it happens.

All the best!


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