A Medieval Theme Wedding ...
The Time of Unicorns and Fair Maidens

A medieval theme wedding. The medieval times lasted for more than 1000 years, and throughout them various periods and styles could be chosen for your wedding.

So for this medieval theme wedding I am going to base my ideas on a peasant wedding, not a noble one.

So if you are looking for something more luxurious for your wedding theme, stop reading here and head over to Renaissance Wedding Theme

But if you love the outdoors and have a free spirit, this is the theme for you!

Medieval Theme Wedding Invitations

Your first approach to the medieval theme wedding? You guessed it: the wedding invitation!

cinderella wedding invitation,Dreams Do Come True
" Dreams Do
Come True
fairytale wedding invitation, Story Book Ending
" Story Book
royal wedding invitation, Royal Decree
" Royal Decree
cinderella wedding invitation, Blue Danube with Parchment Overlay
" Blue Danube with
Parchment Overlay

You can also make the invites on your own by using parchment paper to give the impression of an old, discolored invitation and use a calligraphy font in black ink.

Finding a Medieval Themed Venue

Finding the right venue is one of the greatest tasks when planning a medieval theme wedding.
You may have to do a little research in your town until you find the perfect spot.
And what are you looking for? Let me mention some options and you will see what I mean!

* My preferred option here will be a barn (you will understand why later on) or any stables with an event room (nothing really fancy, just a room that you can use if you want an indoor celebration).

* You could also get married at a renaissance fair, most of them count with a chapel where you could hold the ceremony.

* A castle looking building or an actual old castle with a big garden.

* A State park pavilion (once again we are looking for a place where you can have an outdoors Wedding).

* If you can't find any of these types of venues near you, try to find a venue where you could hold the wedding outdoors.

Medieval Wedding Decoration Ideas

medieval theme wedding, white horse

Try to decorate your venue with rustic details. Wild flowers and fruit baskets are perfect options. You can use some pillar candles with wild flowers surrounding them at the base as centerpieces.

Unicorns were very popular in medieval folklore, so if you find a venue, such as a farm, barn or stables where horses are present it will really set the scene. This is one of the reasons why finding the right venue is so important.

If you really want to make an entrance you can arrive in a horse. Or you can turn the horse in your dearest unicorn for the day by making him wears a fake horn. Discuss this detail in advance with the stable owner, due that they will have to walk you to the location where the ceremony is being held for your entrance.

And if you do decide to go with this option, please make sure to get to know the horse before the wedding date (give it a "test drive") so both of you will be comfortable. Not to say the less a white horse works best for this occasion. After the ceremony, the horse could pose pretty for some of your pictures.

A Castle Theme Wedding Dress

I want to talk about your wedding gown. You are going to have a medieval theme wedding, so first thing I need you to know is that medieval brides did not wear white gowns.
No, no white gown, the most popular color was blue. And no wedding veil either.
You will be better off wearing a crown of flowers and your hair loose.
Make sure your groom is also dress to impress. You will find hundreds of websites with medieval clothing and advice.
But overall, your groom should wear a shirt and a doublet (it is a snug fitting buttoned jacket, you know, the ones you see man wear in medieval times films).

There are hundreds of internet sites that sell medieval clothes. You can even check for medieval costumes for inspiration.

A Medieval Inspired Menu

As you can imagine, everything in medieval times was cooked on direct fire,due that ovens were not introduced until the 18th century.
So what a medieval theme wedding menu should include?
Let's see...

Cereals were popular and mostly consumed as bread or pasta.
Chicken and meat were also popular, cooked with the common spices of the day (pepper, mustard, sage,parsley and anise).
Fish was not a popular item on the medieval menus, and fish consumption was mostly restricted to cod and herring.
More popular were mollusks such as oysters and clams.
As for desserts, you could serve crepes, sweet custards and/or ice creams.

And what about drinks? Well, you guessed it!! Wine and beer were popular and also fruit juices, especially those made of berries.

And my friends, these are just options of items that you can work with if you want to make your menu medieval times appropriate. It is just for you to take into consideration, not a mandatory menu!! As I always say, it is your day and whatever makes you happy it's what the best option for you will end up being.

Have fun with this theme, and send us your comments or pictures!

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