Marilyn Monroe Cocktail

Silver Screen Glamour

The Marilyn Monroe cocktail is a classy champagne drink. With great color and body this drink is named after our favorite Hollywood starlet.

If you are having a glamorous theme, a Hollywood themed wedding or a movies theme, this could truly be your signature cocktail.

Honoring our favorite girl doesn't come cheap.The original recipe is made with Dom Perignon, but while we want to entertain, I also believe in being cost effective.

A brut champagne needs to be used. If you want to go with quality without breaking the bank, you can use the great quality Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial which is made by the same house as Dom Perignon.

Let's get to work.

The Ingredients

For one cocktail:

* 4 measures of well chilled champagne
* 1 measure of applejack or calvados
* ¼ measure of grenadine
* cocktail cherries to garnish

Making It

Place all the ingredients in a champagne saucer. Give the drink a gently stir and finish by garnishing it with a couple of cocktail cherries.

You will have a beautiful red cocktail as a result.

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