A Mardi Gras Wedding Theme
New Orleans Fun Says Present At Your Wedding!

A Mardi Gras Wedding Theme. New Orleans Fun Says Present At Your Wedding!

A night of beads, lights and fun? A night for love! Have a unique wedding celebration New Orleans style.
And how do you pull it off? Let's stop the talking and start with the planning!

Planning the best themed event

A Mardi Gras wedding theme calls for extreme colors and extreme fun!

The traditional colors are Purple, gold and green. But you can add a splash of orange, red or blue if you like them.
Just put them in the mix but do not overdo it! For example , you may want to use red or orange flowers on your arrangements, if you want to have floral arrangements present.

So use these complimentary colors in details like this only, not all over the place, you get the idea.

Mardi Gras Centerpiece

Click the picture to see Mardi Gras Centerpieces

Mardi Gras Wedding Theme Cakes

Have a tiered cake decorated in the Mardi Gras wedding theme colors (purple, green and/or gold).
Or have a non conventional cake! Have a small wedding cake that you will cut with your groom and  have cupcakes for your guest.

You can really go crazy with the frosting colors for this theme, or decorate the cupcakes with small jester's masks.

Party Attire

What kind of dress should you wear for a Mardi Gras wedding theme?
I will say any type of dress, and to go with the theme make sure that your wedding dress
has some type of gold detailing. Maybe a gold sash or beads. You could also compliment your looks with a feathered boa.

Check out our ideas for amazing bridal attire here .

And your guest? Well, you could supply them with feather masks and/or Mardi Gras beads.
The beads are definitely a must!!

The celebration menu and ideas

You need to have some kind of cajun item in your menu for this
wedding theme. You don't need to go hot-spicy crazy, but maybe one dish that will bring the Big Easy flavor to the menu will be nice. There are many possibilities, just talk to your caterer ( if you have one) or get ideas from a Creole or cajun style cook book or website.

Some brides are adopting the idea of having a couple of king cakes at their celebration instead of the spicy item in the menu. This won't be your wedding cake but rather a fun traditional item to include in your celebration to bring the theme to life

A king cake is a ring of twisted bread, covered in sugar or icing, that usually has a small trinket inside. Usually this trinket is a small plastic baby toy which is believed to bring good luck to the person that finds it in his/her piece of the cake.

Remember this theme is unique and allows you to celebrate in a non conventional way.
Have fun with this theme, and send us your comments or pictures.

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