Mardi Gras Ideas

If Mardi Gras Ideas is what you are looking for , you came to the right place. You decided to have a Mardi Gras theme wedding and now, you need ideas to decorate and host your event.

Whether you are thinking of original decorations, activities or even your attire, everything needs to be in accordance to your theme.

While green, purple and gold are the traditional Mardi Gras theme colors, some couples decide to host the theme using other vibrant shades like red and pink.

So we are just going to discuss some ideas you can implement, no matter what your colors are.

Are you ready? Let's begin

Feathers and more feathers

If you want to give your theme a chic touch, using feathers is your best bet.

You can sprinkle them on your table, use them as appliqués in your arrangement or in your bouquet.

Some brides use feather boas as chair sashes to give the room extra color and set the theme.

I also love the idea of using feather rings to adorn the champagne glass stem.
You could also use feather favor bags to add to the theme

If Glitter is your Thing

Maybe you like sparkles and shinny things, then clearly glitter is your thing!

Sparkle up your tables using some glitter confetti.

If you are having a flower or candle centerpiece, adding glitter to it will surely jazz things for you.

As this is your wedding and this is a once in a lifetime event, you can even dare to use glitter on yourself.
From a little body glitter ( do not overdo it, you are a classy bride, and this is not a Moulin Rouge theme), to shimmery eye shadows, your make up can also add to the theme.


There are many Mardi Gras ideas, but one that works well in any theme wedding is adding your personal style by having a signature cocktail.

And a Mardi Gras theme is no exception.
Drinks with rum, bourbon and/or fruit juices are favorites for this theme.
They truly have a kick and also great color.
Serve one of them as your signature cocktail and your event will be a hit.

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